At SORELTECH we aim to provide a variety of services to suit clients needs. We provide Drafting, Circuit Design and Analysis, Embedded platform development, Instrumentation Repair and Refurbishment. We also have substancial experience with a wide range of technical document reporting.


We have the ability to draft Electrical/ Electronic Schematics in either AutoCad or Altium Designer.

Either point to point drawings or ladder diagrams. We can import from existing drawings if conversion is needed from programs such as Eagle and others. Complete Bill of Materials and other reporting can be seamlessly attached to any project you may have. We can attach our templates or anything the client requires.


We can create multi-layer printed circuit board designs in Altium Designer.

We can take this through the development cycle and make your design a reality. We can provide a complete solution from design through to testing, delivering you a product on spec and on time.

  • Schematic Capture / New or Import
  • Bill of Materials Creation
  • Component Sourcing and Priving
  • Printed Circuit Board Design
  • PCB Manufacturing and Population
  • PCB Testing


We currently work with various embedded development boards and integrated development environments.

We have experience with various PIC and dsPIC boards as well as MikroC and MPLab compilers. In addition we have used Freescale components and associated IDE’s such as Code Warrior. From Raspberry Pi to Arduino, we can find a platform for your solutions.


Work with the industrial and aerospace sectors has gained us a wealth of knowledge of various instrumentation needed for automation of various equipment.

We have experience providing custom solutions for clients designing custom sensors as well as utilizing commercial off the shelf equipement Installation can include testing and integration of the instrumentation into the control system. In addition we have onboard experience in working with PLC’s, and designing and constructing control cabinets for control systems as well as custom data acquisition modules providing unique signal conditioning.

  • Motor Drive's
  • Encoders, Rotary, Linear, Incromental, Absolute
  • Loads Cells
  • Torque Sensors
  • Linear Transducers
  • Optical, Physical, Limit Switches
  • Connector Integration
  • Cable Harnesses
  • Power Distribution
  • Signal Conditioning


At SORELTECH our past experience in both the Aerospace, industrial and Research and Development sectors has given us familiarity with various forms of technical documentation and nomenclature.

Documentation is an important focus of today's ever changing electronic landscape and technical documents help us navigate.

  • Test Plans / Laboratory Results
  • Interface Control Documents (ICD)
  • Operational Control Documents (OCD)
  • Datasheets
  • Standards of Procedures (SOP)